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Standing out from the crowd isn’t about being loud, garish, and strange. Most of the time, it’s about the quiet confidence that comes from doing the small things well. J. David’s accessories are how we do it.

Men’s Clothing Accessories

Stand Out from the Crowd

You know that the key to being a classy gentleman in the 21st century isn’t from being the loudest, the most arrogant, or the biggest personality. It comes from conviction, from knowing that every detail of your outfit was chosen by you on purpose and with forethought. J. David’s collection of men’s accessories give you the edge in any situation, giving you the effortless class and poise most men envy.

Our Santa Clarita men’s clothing showroom includes a vast collection of highly unique and eye-catching pieces designed to put the finishing touch on your wardrobe. We carry a wide array of belts, wallets, ties, cufflinks, tie clips, bags, socks, and specialty items—a full arsenal of pieces designed for men who command the attention of a room without ever begging for it.

In fact, many of our pieces are natural conversation starters. We have cufflinks made from 3,000-year-old coins from Ancient Greece, cufflinks made from game baseballs, basketballs, and footballs, and certificates of authenticity for all of it.

Being a Man of Taste

Begins with Making the Details Matter

Now, no one is going to walk up to you, point to your cufflinks, and say “oh, you must be a classy guy.” The point isn’t to have anything on you that draws attention to itself on its own. Instead, good accessories accentuate your whole look. They lend an aura of compelling mystery, tying together your style from head to toe. They show that you’re a man who cares about the little things.

Ultimately, that’s what J. David’s is about. We’re not here to turn you into a billboard for our inventory. It’s the other way around: we want to use our craft to bring attention to you and your strengths. Each of our clients is the real showcase—our work is about making sure people can appreciate it more fully.


Our Customers Mean Everything to Us

  • “One of the nicest suits I’ve ever seen.” Queen of England, Upon Seeing Joe Cocker’s Suit
  • “David, thanks for the great clothes!” Chuck Osborne, Defensive Lineman for the St. Louis Rams & Oakland Raiders
  • “The best suits and phenomenal service.” Rustin Kretz, President of Scorpion