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The Clothing Experience Designed with You in Mind

Style is about more than wearing the “right” clothes or picking the “right” outfit for an event. Style is about using what you wear to make a statement. The color, cut, and look of your clothing should tell everyone who you are—not where you shop. At J. David’s Custom Clothiers, we’re crafters of style. Our Stylists and Master Tailors use decades of clothing experience and trend expertise to give you a look that’s completely your own—highlighting your best features and presenting your unique taste through the highest quality pieces.

Whether you’re looking for a new tie or belt or you’re looking to get a fitted tux, J. David’s has the pieces to ensure you stand out from the crowd. And we make sure you enjoy yourself while you do it. Relax in our lounge. Browse our inventory. Ask us questions about what goes well with your skin tone, your build, or your favorite colors. We’re here to help you make an impression—and that begins with your reflection. We serve people from all over Los Angeles at our Santa Clarita storefront.

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Tailoring Your Style

One Stitch at a Time

In a world of mass manufacturing, J. David’s believes that having a personal style is more important than wearing what everyone else is. Being an individual comes from choosing to be truly individual, to stand apart from the crowd, to cut through the noise. When it comes to standing out—whether it’s at a prom, for a meeting, or on the street—the details matter. Everything in our service, from our relaxing fitting lounge to our no-pressure sales floor to our lifetime tailoring policy, stems from the belief that good clothing brings out the best in you.

Ultimately, that’s our business—dressing you as the best version of yourself. And as you know, dressing the part is the first step to becoming the part.

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The Process

We're Truly Purveyors of Perfection

  1. I.Choose Your Details

    Our Experienced Clothiers will assist you to in selecting every detail of your suit. From the fabric to the buttons or the color of the threads. *

  2. II.Measurements

    Did you know there are 16 measurements for the shirt alone? At J. David’s we’re all about the fit. Our Clothiers can measure up to create the suit made just for you.

  3. III.Receive Your Clothing

    When your suit is complete, it will be pressed & dry cleaned. Then our Clothiers will reach out to arrange for you to pick it up or have a staff member deliver it to you at your convenience.

  4. IV.Free Alterations for Life

    Your clothes should live and breathe as you do. We offer our customers free alterations for anything you purchase from our store.

* Details Not Your Thing? Not to worry! You can simply select the fabric and let us do the rest. Put our recommendations and expertise to the test.

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  • “J. David’s to me is building relationships...One stitch at a time.”

    David Guenther, President

  • About the 25 J. David's Clothing Line

    David Guenther, President

  • “We’d do anything for our customers. No questions asked. Period.”

    David Guenther, President

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Our Customers Mean Everything to Us

  • “One of the nicest suits I’ve ever seen.” Queen of England, Upon Seeing Joe Cocker’s Suit
  • “David, thanks for the great clothes!” Chuck Osborne, Defensive Lineman for the St. Louis Rams & Oakland Raiders
  • “The best suits and phenomenal service.” Rustin Kretz, President of Scorpion

Preparing You For Life's Milestones

Look Your Best in the Moments You'll Remember Best

What we at J. David’s perhaps cherish the most about our profession is the honor of helping people get ready for the milestones in their lives. Whether you have a prom, a wedding, or another form of upscale event that requires your best look, our expert Clothiers are thrilled to help you find it. Lifelong relationships certainly are treasures of ours – like the suits we tailored for a young man appearing at a wedding as a ring bearer, taking his first date to the prom, and later marrying the love of his life. Whatever your occasion, it matters to you. And this is all we at J. David’s need.

Give The Gift of

A Custom Experience!

A gift certificate to J. David's Custom Clothiers is always an appreciated present - and it can be a personal one, too. Available in any denomination, J. David's gift certificates can be professionally wrapped for beautiful presentation. You may gift them in monetary sums or for specific items, like custom shirts or suits.

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Good for the Sole

Taking Care of Our Customers From Head to Toe

Our master shoe shiners are available 7 days a week to take drop-offs, and on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 11 am to 4 pm, we invite you to stop by for same-day shoe shining. Momentarily ignore your busy schedule, set down your shopping bags, and enjoy the solace of our shop. Have a drink while you peruse high-end fabrics. Meanwhile, our specialists will be dipping your favorite pair of shoes into our fountain of youth.

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