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No matter your size, very few people actually fit in off-the-rack clothing. Alterations are the perfect way to achieve a tailored, clean, and stylish look for your entire wardrobe—even when you’re on a budget.

Hand-Tailored Alterations

For Men & Women’s Clothing

For anyone who buys off-the-rack clothing (like most of us do), we often run into the Goldilocks Problem: everything is either too tight or too loose, and we sacrifice a good fit for style or budget. The worst part is that most men don’t even realize how their clothes make them look: unless you’re the same exact dimensions as a model, it’s possible your clothes make you look shorter, wider, or saggier than you are.

Too few people realize how truly flattering their wardrobe can be. The team at J. David’s wants to help. Our Master Tailors alter your clothes to actually fit you, instead of just “approximately” fitting you. Even if it’s only an inch or two, tailoring your clothes to your body makes a staggering difference when it comes to your appearance—lengthening your figure and giving you a well-proportioned shape.

Our team provides alterations for denim, leather, cotton, wool, or any other kind of clothing you bring in. We can also bring any piece of clothing back to life. Have a worn-out sport coat that you simply can’t part with? Let us restore it back to its former glory. Accidentally rip your favorite jeans? We can fix that too. We’re here to make you feel good in your skin—and we’re happy to turn your old favorites into your brand-new pieces.

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Free Lifetime Alterations

We’ve been there—you went on a new diet, or you just feasted through the holidays, and now your favorite clothing doesn’t fit. For clients at J. David’s Custom Clothiers, that’s never a worry. Every suit or sport coat you buy from us is eligible for free lifetime alterations. Gain a little weight? Lose a little weight? Simply bring in your pieces and we’ll alter it to your measurements.

In a world of mass-manufactured clothing, we’ve all been taught from a young age that looking sharp, clean, and well-groomed is a privilege for the tall and thin. It’s simply not true—our Santa Clarita tailors are masters at helping each person look their best, no matter their body type, look, or style. No matter where you bought your clothes, J. David’s is happy to alter them to suit your unique shape and size, bringing out the best in your silhouette.


Our Customers Mean Everything to Us

  • “One of the nicest suits I’ve ever seen.” Queen of England, Upon Seeing Joe Cocker’s Suit
  • “David, thanks for the great clothes!” Chuck Osborne, Defensive Lineman for the St. Louis Rams & Oakland Raiders
  • “The best suits and phenomenal service.” Rustin Kretz, President of Scorpion