Look Good. Feel Good.

About the Owner

“J. David’s is about building relationships, one stitch at a time.”

David Guenther understands that there are countless places where men could get shoes or clothing. Every clothing store with a men’s department has sport coats or ties. That’s why he never takes it for granted that you’ve come to us to spend your hard-earned money. No—just selling nice clothing isn’t enough to set us apart.

What sets us apart is David’s vision: his dream of a place where men feel welcome to browse without feeling out-of-place or pressured to buy. He understands that being successful isn’t about selling something different from the next guy—although we absolutely do that too—it’s about making people feel welcome, no matter their age or where they’re coming from. In short, it’s about building relationships.

David has approached everyone, from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to junior high boys getting their first suit, the exact same way: with respect, passion, and genuine care for what each person likes and what makes them confident. He ensures that everything we have in stock or custom-create is a work of art—so no matter what you get from us, it’ll be part of something truly special.

If you’re in the area, drop by. If there’s one thing David doesn’t mind, it’s people stopping by to say hi—whether or not you buy anything. We’re here to help you relax. If you discover something you like, we’ll tell you about it. Even if you don’t, enjoy browsing with us anyway.

About the Store

“My passion in this industry is driven by wanting to see people feel good.”

J. David’s was created because men needed a place to shop and lounge without being hounded by salespeople, where they could drink and relax while browsing for whatever they need. If you’ve ever walked into a department store and felt like you didn’t belong, we’re the place for you. Whether we’re speaking to a 12-year-old man-in-progress or a 55-year-old chief executive, our team of wardrobe specialists and personal stylists help you find what makes you look good and feel good.

Part of what makes us a wholly unique experience is that we don’t make a commission on what you buy. You’re welcome to browse to escape the summer heat or take a moment to relax. We specifically designed our lounge to feel like home—if you happen to walk out with something new to wear, it’s because you discovered something you genuinely love. We’re there to help you discover it.

Our Philosophy

About Our Service

Every handcrafted item in the world that is unforgettable—paintings, shoes, whiskey, or even a cabinet—exists because someone cared about the details. As a team that includes master tailors and clothing specialists, our job is to care about the details of your appearance from head to toe. We make it our mission to find the items and fabrics that say something about who you are, where you’re from, and what you value. The end result? A style that is totally unique to you, one that commands the attention of everyone who walks past you.

Creating a style that reveals the best version of yourself takes more than just “finding what fits.” It compels us to understand who you are. That’s why J. David’s is all about forming relationships. Friendships are the best context for finding out what suits you—it’s what makes the difference a good outfit and style. We take note of the things that make you linger, of what catches your eye. We also talk with you to figure out what you love—your favorite actors or musicians, what your hobbies are, where you’ve traveled. (Considering our past clientele, we may have even done the same thing for your favorite actors or musicians!)

For us, these relationships are not about trying to sell you on more merchandise. It’s about helping you create a clearer, stronger self-image. Most importantly, it’s about helping you make purposeful decisions about how you look and the impression you make. We’re used to serving customers who know exactly what they want out of life—our job is to know exactly what they want out of their appearance.