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If You Go Out andYou Don't Get a Compliment, We Didn't Do Our Jobs.

The advantages of Custom Tailoring cannot be understated. This is your opportunity to put your individuality on full display. Your confidence is never in question when you're wearing pieces that look like they were made just for you - because they were.

Custom Clothiers in Santa Clarita

Ensure the Perfect Fit

In a fast-paced world, there are some things that never change. The need for a tailored suit is timeless. Like a good Scotch or the ability to cook a steak, a well-fitted suit is the sign of a man with taste and distinction. Unfortunately, too many men today settle for poorly-made, ill-fitting suits made of sub-par materials because they’re “affordable.” Our grandfathers knew the importance of value: that paying for a high-quality suit just once was better than paying for five mediocre ones over a lifetime. That’s especially true for suits—they’re an investment into your future, whether you’re a young man looking to climb the corporate ladder or a gentleman who needs to command every room he walks into.

The good news is having a custom, high-quality suit created just for you is more affordable than you think.

It normally takes about 4-6 weeks for us to complete your custom pieces. We ensure that every detail of your suit matches your preferences and taste—the buttons, the stitching, the cut, the collar, the fabric, even the polish on your shoes. If you’ve never owned a suit like this before—and we guarantee you haven’t—there’s no need to be intimidated. We make the process fun for you while employing materials only available from the best designers and clothing mills in England and Italy.

The final outcome is a suit that fits you in every possible way, that tells everyone in the room that you’re a man who knows how to get what you want. Our service is the clothier of choice for distinguished clients all over the country. They and their spouses continue to come to us for style advice, and we’re glad to help!

Give the Gift of a

Classic Clothing Experience

Part of what makes us popular with men all over Santa Clarita and Los Angeles is the J. David’s experience. If you’re looking for a good tie or shirt to give your husband, dad, or son, we’ve got what you’re looking for. But if you want to give them a gift in the truest sense of the word, something they get to experience themselves, consider a J. David’s gift card.

The way gift cards work at J. David’s is unique. Instead of putting a preloaded amount of cash on the card and gifting your man with a budget, you can give them the ability to create custom pieces fitted specifically to them. For instance—if you want to buy your loved one 4 custom shirts, we can go over how much that would cost. Then you would give them a gift card listing what type and how many pieces they can get.

Now, they can walk into our store with their gift card, relax in our fitting lounge, pick out their fabrics, buttons, and other details, get measured, and receive 4 entirely unique pieces whenever they want. We walk them through the whole process, and they end up with a handcrafted wardrobe that matches their unique taste.

It’s one of the most personalized, thoughtful gifts you can give, and we’ve never had any man walk away from the experience without a smile on their face.


Our Customers Mean Everything to Us

  • “One of the nicest suits I’ve ever seen.” Queen of England, Upon Seeing Joe Cocker’s Suit
  • “David, thanks for the great clothes!” Chuck Osborne, Defensive Lineman for the St. Louis Rams & Oakland Raiders
  • “The best suits and phenomenal service.” Rustin Kretz, President of Scorpion